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  • Livestock Protection
  • Predator Research
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Geology & Soil GIS
  • DIY Mapping
  • Peace of Mind & Prosperity

Game safety, management & research

HOTGAME is a precision remote monitoring collar series for various game monitoring uses: exposed climate, extreme temperature changes, early disease detection, behaviour monitoring, virtual fencing, grazing utilisation, energy consumption, grazing behaviour analysis, HOTGAME Standard automatic record keeping, quarantine, disease outbreak modeling, remote monitoring, protection against theft, fire, climate, abuse and disease, to name but a few. Application is easy, just fit the collar and monitor it via your mobile phone and/or the internet.

HOTGAME collars are available in primary non-rechargeable 1 and 2 battery options with up to 36 months battery life depending on use and setting.

Equiped with GPS, quad band FTA approved (global use) GSM, CW beacons as well as low and high power VHF the collars are suitable for applications outside GSM reach, anywhere in the world, desert and bush. Made to last, the units are shock, UV, splash and crush proof. The specially designed strap with soft integrated antennae is dry, clean, comfortable, durable and safe. Accessories include: dummy units, reflective strips for vehicle visibility in areas next to roads, fluorescent sliders for night visibility, number sliders and RFID.

Are you a researcher, game manager, veterinarian, or game owner? Then HOTGAME is for you. It intelligently monitors animal behaviour, health, activity, climate exposure and GPS position. Never sleeping, always wide awake. Although instruments of precision, HOTGAME is easy to use, safe and fast to fit with built-in safety and growth release.

HOTGAME collars are remotely re-configurable, giving you full control from anywhere in the world, anytime, day and night. All communication and access is password and incryption protected for your peace of mind.

HOTGAME seamlessly interfaces with almost any type of game/wildlife application. Just fit and go! HOTGAME offers alert features such as: SMS with map image, email with map image, voicecall alerts and on screen monitoring. Automated responses where the action of a single exception can automatically trigger the response of others.

Sensor setting options:
• Small grazerHOTGAME Standard
• Large grazer
• Day predator
• Night predator
• Any time active predator
• Logging & activity only
• Custom program
• Information on demand

• Temperature
• Activity 0-31 scale
• Animal health
• Behaviour
• Virtual fencing
• GPS 2.5m, 3D, 50 channel
• Device diagnostics